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office hours: 021 554 5832

office hours:
021 554 5832

after hours: 066 165 3349

after hours:
066 165 3349

In the case of life saving emergencies and the rare event that you are unable to get hold of us, please do everything possible to ensure the well being of your horse as per your vet’s guidance. 

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Kuda Claims

Kuda understands just how stressful it can be to have to deal with the loss or damage of your assets and, much worse, of your animals. We aim to make the claim process as smooth as possible during this difficult time. Here’s a step by step guide to getting your claim quickly processed.

For Life Cover (Mortality), Critical Care, Condolence Contribution claims and Vet Reports please download our smart pdf e-Forms below.

The initial notification is important and this can be done in one of the following ways:

Email | Call 021 554 5832 during Office Hours or 066 165 3349 After Hours

Sport Horse Insurance Claim

How to submit a Sport Horse claim

Sport Horse Insurance Claim

Mortality, Critical Care & Condolence Contribution Claim Form

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Vet Report

Kuda Therapy Quick Claim

In our continuous efforts to make your claiming process more convenient, we’ve created our Kuda Quick Claims for chiropractor, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Simply choose the therapy type, fill in a few fields and click submit. Once the claim is processed by our efficient claims department, we will send you a claim breakdown and your claim will be completed.



The following is required for any mortality claims, i.e. in the unfortunate event of a death or necessary euthanisation of your horse.


Should for some reason your horse damage property or injure someone not related to the horse, such as a spectator, you may claim against Public Liability cover for any legal action taken against you by a third party.

For this you will require the following:


In order to claim in the Life Saving Surgery with Critical Care Cover category, the condition threatening the horse needs to be both an emergency and lifesaving in nature, and it must be treated in hospital.

This claim requires the following:

Under the Life Saving Surgery Cover you may claim for emergency lifesaving surgery in hospital.

This claim requires the following:

medical comprehensive & saver

Kuda offers two types of day-to-day medical cover: Medical Comprehensive and Medical Saver. Claims for veterinary fees resulting from unforeseen illness or accidental injury are limited to R100 000 per event for both types of cover, and a total in any one insurance year no more than R100 000 for Medical Comprehensive Cover and R50 000 for Medical Saver Cover.

This claim requires the following:

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