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We provide comprehensive veld cover on your livestock. We give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what is important to you. We cover your animals during dart, transport, on the field and during treatment or routine care. We want to help you grow your business and your industry. To us trust is everything and we are here to be your partner.


Livestock Products - Cattle & Sheep

Transit Cover

Provides life cover for the animals during transit. Cover starts when the animal is on the transporting vehicle and ends when the first hoof is off the transporting vehicle.

Additional Information

Ensuring a suitable offloading area is crucial to prevent animal injuries, necessitating that animals are not off-loaded near fences, dongas, dams, riverbanks, streams, electrical pylons, or any other hazards.

ARM (Veld Cover)

Provides life cover for your animal if it dies or has to be euthanised as a result of accident, injury, illness or disease at the location stated in your policy.

Additional Information

Accurate determination of the cause of death requires a post-mortem report to be obtained during the claims stage.

Fire and Lightning

Provides life cover for the animal for death or humane euthanasia as a direct result of fire and lightning.

Additional Information

Obtaining a post-mortem report during the claims stage is crucial for verifying and validating the cause of death.

Infertility Cover

This coverage ensures protection for the insured animal in the event of total and permanent loss of fertility.

Additional Information

A valid fertility claim necessitates a declaration from a Veterinarian Surgeon affirming the animal’s fertility status on onset of cover. The inclusion of compelling evidence to support this declaration becomes a critical factor during claim submission.


There are various extensions of cover options available to address specific needs that may arise. Some examples of these extensions include Hartswater, Plant poisoning, Redwater, Gall sickness, Pulpy kidney, Blue Tongue and theft cover.

Additional Information

When dealing with claims, it is critical to have a comprehensive immunization schedule submitted at the beginning of the coverage period, along with accurate records of all immunizations administered throughout the coverage period.



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Josi Marais

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Duppies Fourie

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Colleen Coetzee

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Melissa Maeder

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