6 Indicators of SIJ pain/stiffness

Either Yes/No indication
3/more out of 6= POSITIVE pain/stiffness

  1. Reduced Lumbosacral flexibility:
    • Side to Side (Lateral) and Up/Down (Ventrodorsal) mobility should be symmetrical
    • NOW: Presence of “guarding mechanism”
    • Horse avoids movement on one side or overall movement
  1. Tracking narrow behind:
    • Normally horses hind feet follow front feet, on 2 tracks
    • NOW: Looks like walking on a cord with the hindlegs
    • Easily spotted in walk/trot
    • Could be 1 or both hindlegs that track narrow
  1. Lateral walk:
    • Normal gait pattern the front and opposite hind leg work together
    • NOW: 2 feet on the same side move forward at the same time
    • Spotted when walking in serpentine, often in one direction(L/R)
    • In severe cases can be seen on straight line
  1. Haunches/Quarters in/out:
    • Normally horses walk, trot, canter on 2 tracks.
    • Front and hind limbs stay on the same track(straight)
    • NOW: Horse moves in 3 tracks, haunches either in or out
    • More obvious on circle and mostly to one side
  1. Asymmetry of the tail:
    • Normal position is midline, slightly elevated
    • NOW: If in walk on straight line it is kept to one side(L/R)
    • In serpentine the tail is “Locked” to one side(L/R)
  1. Bunny hop canter:
    • Normal canter has separation between footfalls of hind end
    • Rhythmically moving (1,2 :1,2)
    • NOW: No separation between footfalls, hops like a bunny and croup is higher
    • No rhythm of (1,2 : 1,2), moving together (1,1 : 1,1)

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