Life Saving Surgery and Critical Care

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Terry learnt the hard way how different colic in a horse was compared to an infant. While the one can cause sleepless nights the other, in your horse, could be fatal…

However, because Terry had decided to take the Life Saving Surgery with Critical Care as an option when taking cover for her best friend and lifelong pal, Comrade Bullet, she was able to fully concentrate on her riding and not the what if’s and when’s that could arise with the health of her horse.

Basically Life Saving Surgery covers hospital lifesaving emergency surgery for your horse and when taken along with Critical Care cover which is strongly recommended, you will be able to receive in hospital lifesaving treatment as well. Furthermore, there is no waiting period once you provide your declaration of health for your horse. The monthly premium for Life Saving Surgery with Critical Care is as little as the amount you would spend to enter a show!

If you ask me, there’s nothing more to think about really. Ready to take the next steps?


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