Earning money from abroad?

Have you been struggling to access your salary or currency conversions while living in South Africa and working abroad? Are you paying too much in bank fees for your transactions?

Kuda FX has established compliant systems to provide transparent and competitive fee structures, assistance with managing your tax and so much more.

We will provide a comprehensive tax and currency management service allowing you to focus on making money with your skill set and leaving the admin to our friendly and efficient team.

Let Kuda FX handle the admin of earning a foreign salary

Working and Earning money from abroad could be an easier process using Kuda FX:

Working Abroad Currency Conversion
Working Abroad SARB Compliance
Working Abroad Taxation
Working Abroad Investec Cash Manager Account

Currency Conversion

We will receive your foreign earnings and exchange it at the best market rates and fees. This means you’ll end up getting more out of your hard-earned income.

SARB Compliance

Reporting inward and outward flows is part of the Reserve Bank process when money is received or paid offshore. We take care of all compliance matters in the background ensuring that you are always fully compliant.


Our team of qualified Professional Accountants and CA’s are ready to assist you with all income tax related matters ranging from provisional tax & final tax submissions, expense deductions and general compliance. We can even help you plan to save enough on a monthly basis to ensure that you meet your tax obligations with little to no stress.

Investec Cash Manager Account

Our team will open an Investec Corporate account with no fees in your personal name. This account is used to receive and send funds and you will receive a monthly statement from Investec.


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If you are travelling abroad and need cash or a passport card, as a Kuda FX client, we will safely deliver this to your door. If you prefer to collect the cash or passport card you can do so at any Inter Africa branch at the airport.

To get you started you will need copies of the following documentation:

  • Air Ticket
  • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)
  • Your passport
  • Your ID

Please ensure that you place your order at least 60 days before traveling.



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