Getting to know our (wealth) team at Kuda FX

Over the last couple of months, we have discussed topics that are relevant to the world of Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) and specifically how they relate to Kuda FX and the services Kuda FX provides.

Last week, we spoke about Hedging . To do that, we roped in the currency and treasury Manager at Kuda FX, who is also responsible for the newly acquired Hedging Team, PR Nel, to provide us with his insight into the world of Hedging.

After doing so, we realised (quite obviously, that the insight and opinion of our team members makes Kuda FX a stand-out FX provider. A company that has so much more to offer – a specialist niche company that offers tailor-made solutions to clients based on their specific FX needs. But even more so than that, Kuda FX has some truly amazing, highly qualified specialists within our ranks. And that makes us special – bespoke service offerings, in a niche market, performed by individuals that are some of the “best in the business”.

So, we thought it was time to introduce our readers (and clients) to our amazing team.

In Conversation with Beulah Brown

With over 30 years’ experience in the FX space, you could say that Beulah certainly has walked the walk and talked the talk.

Beulah joined the Forex Industry as a junior FX consultant in 1995. Her roles have predominantly been in new business sales, acquisitions for individual as well as corporate clients and treasury management for corporates that trade in FX.

So dedicated is Beulah that she has turned the office lights on in the morning and off at night – Sleep? Who needs sleep? Money doesn’t sleep and neither does Beulah.

She has worked for Bidvest as the Team Leader for the Global Payments Online Trading Platform, was the Senior Key Accounts Manager at Incompass Forex where she was responsible for the likes of Allan Gray, Glacier International and Old Mutual International, to name but a few.

Beulah’s experience in the FX industry has seen her be responsible for relationships “from the top down”. From the investment companies and their relationship spokes people to the relationships with financial advisers and wealth managers and last but certainly not least, relationships with the clients themselves.  Beulah has excelled in every relationship management role she has filled. For good reason too.

At Kuda FX we are proud to have Beulah as our Foreign Exchange Relationship Manager, where she predominantly takes care of the wealth space.

Kuda FX Forex Wealth

In Beulah’s opinion, what sets Kuda FX apart from its competitors?

Having worked within the FX space in several different roles at different sized companies, Beulah can say with a certain degree of certainty that Kuda FX’s size is a huge plus point.

You know the saying – “dynamite comes in small packages” – well, that’s Kuda FX for you. It’s because Kuda FX is smaller than other intermediaries that it’s able to be as agile as it is. Its smaller size allows Kuda FX to be more flexible with their pricing too.

Making Kuda FX a force to be reckoned with.

Not only does Kuda FX offer unparalleled service, but every team member treats their clients like more than just a client. Each team member takes a vested interest in the needs of their clients. And this applies whether the client is based locally or abroad – Kuda FX’s team fits in with the time schedule of each client – even if that means working way passed ordinary working hours – going so far as to onboard a client at 2am on a Sunday morning because that’s what’s required.

The level of service offered by the team at Kuda FX is second to none – whatever is needed to accommodate a client will be done.

And that’s what sets Kuda FX apart from everyone else.

Personal attention that goes above and beyond. Because a client is not just a number at Kuda FX. Each team member at Kuda FX knows each client by name, by what they need and what their long-term (or short-term) goals are. 

As a team of seasoned professionals and experts, Kuda FX can be relied upon to not only give advice and support that meets (and often exceeds) high industry standards, but advice and support that’s specific to each client.

Transparency is also something that sets Kuda FX apart. Kuda FX is a registered Financial Services Provider. As such Kuda FX is extremely transparent about their FX trades and how they make their money – there are no unwelcome surprises when dealing with Kuda FX.

From the get-go.

There’s a vested interest in ensuring that a client has all the relevant information at hand. It’s not just an FX transaction. It’s a person, it’s an ideal, it’ a goal. And we are here for all of it!

Always doing what is best for the client, giving the best rates and the best service in the industry. Turn around time at Kuda FX is also far quicker than average – giving peace of mind and certainty in a market that can be volatile.

Is the use of technology important to Kuda FX?

In short, extremely.

Ease of use and process is extremely important to the team at Kuda FX. Therefore, being one step ahead of competitors – as far as technology and innovation is concerned – is something Kuda FX takes seriously.

Working with clients around the globe necessitates efficiency, accuracy, and optimisation. Kuda FX therefore developed an online link allowing a client to onboard online from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

To onboard, Kuda FX will send a link to a client, who then completes their application and uploads their FICA documents online. This information is then automatically sent to Kuda FX’s back office where the client is vetted. Should everything be above board, Kuda FX sends out the Investec Account confirmation (containing account details) which will then allow the client to start trading almost immediately. 

Partnering with Investec is a major plus for Kuda FX. While not the biggest bank in the world -as indicated by CEOWorld Magazine’s Biggest Banks in the World – the recent acquisition of the UK wealth management business of Investec by Rathbones Group in an all-share deal valued at £839 million (R18.7 billion) will create a wealth manager with about £100 billion in funds under management and administration for the group. Making Investec an extremely wise choice in banking partners indeed (News24).

What value add services does Kuda FX offer?

For transactions that are less than R1 million (falling into the single discretionary allowance space) funds are simply deposited. The trading desk notifies the client when they have sight of funds and exchange rates are then quoted. If the client is happy with the rate, the deal is secured, and the funds are then remitted to the offshore account. Simple as that.

For transactions that are more than R1 million (which would then fall into the foreign investment allowance space), Kuda FX offers a free service whereby they assist with the tax clearance certificate required to move money offshore. This becomes especially valuable if a client is sitting overseas and needs to interact with SARS. This can be a frustrating experience for anyone, let alone someone sitting in another country. Kuda FX steps into the shoes of the client (sitting overseas) and completes the services required to get the money transferred.

For transactions that are R11 million and over , Kuda FX lends a hand by making an application to SARS, which once approved, enables Kuda FX to proceed with a second application to the Reserve Bank (asking for permission to move the funds offshore).

Saving clients’ money and going the extra mile, is what Kuda FX is all about.

Beulah is a very proud member of Kuda FX. With a wealth of experience, she is here to assist you with all your FX needs.

We encourage you to get in touch with a Kuda FX professional, like our team at Kuda FX who would be happy to explain the above concepts in further detail or provide any other assistance you may require with your specific FX needs firmly in mind.

In fact, if you have any queries on the information, we have set out above, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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