Deirdre Fox

Dear Dawn, Jodi & the Kuda family, I would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship at the Triple P Summer Classic. Due to our amazing sponsors, we had an outstanding show and were able to give great cash prizes as well as numerous vouchers and gifts to the prize winners and their grooms.Read more “Deirdre Fox”

Leanne Jamieson

Dear Jodi Thank you so much for your continued, kind and generous sponsorship of the Royal Show 2018 Equestrian. Our show was a massive success, without your sponsorship this would certainly not have been realised. From 65 horses in 2017 to nearly 180 this year is a clear indicator that the venue, prizes, prize money,… Read more “Leanne Jamieson”

Grant Store

Dear Dawn. Ian, Vanessa, myself and the staff of Callaho Warmblood Stud would like to thank you for assisting us at this year’s auction. To run an event such as this as smoothly as we did is due to the fact that we had people such as your selves in attendance. The grooming bags for… Read more “Grant Store”

Lindi Martin

Dear Glynis Thank you for this information and no need to apologise, we are thankful for your efficient service.
This unfortunate tragic incident was so unexpected, and we are thankful that we had the foresight to take cover, albeit at the minimal mortality cover.
We were previously insured with another major equine insurer… Read more “Lindi Martin”

Colleen Addison

Hi Glynis Thank you so much, so much appreciated. You guys are the best, efficient and easy to deal with. Thanks for always going the extra mile 😊

Sarah Garland

Morning Dawn I just wanted to send you a personal thank you on behalf of all of our clients who have received T-shirts from your kind donation. They are so appreciative and grateful when they get them, so thank you! I am not sure how much you have seen on facebook where we have tagged… Read more “Sarah Garland”

Suzy Lubner

Dear Glynis and the Kuda Team Thank you for your beautiful Roses for my Prince.  So appreciated which I shall dry and keep one in his memory box.  The rest will go with his tree that I am planting for him next week outside our front door which I will pass many times a day.… Read more “Suzy Lubner”


Good morning Dawn, Attached, please find the amended claim form.
I am so grateful, thank you and thank you to Kuda as well.
It is not often that one is shown such kindness, and so I really am at a loss for words and “thank you” just does not seem to suffice. Have… Read more “Glenda”

Kathy Asher-Wood

Dear Kuda Insurance It has taken a couple of weeks to wrap up SA Dressage Championships, however finally, or should I say hopefully, we are all done! We would like to say a huge thank you for your sponsorship in helping to make this show absolutely spectacular! Without help from sponsors there would be no… Read more “Kathy Asher-Wood”

Felicity Bird

Dear Kerry We would like to thank Kuda Insurance for the lovely prizes that you sponsored for the classes at the CDI 2*. They loved them, it was so much giving them out. Everyone loved the flowers and chocolates and other little goodies.. they just made the show more fun. Thank you so much for… Read more “Felicity Bird”


Good morning, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely flowers that Kuda sent me yesterday. It really meant so much to me that not only were you and Kerry (who kept reminding me to send the cancellation email) so wonderfully efficient in helping me in regards to the cancellation of the policy, but… Read more “Marieta”

Kate Keeley

Dear Kuda Team I am impressed beyond words! Thank you for the efficient service and patience with adding our new horse, Fast and Fabulous to our policy, making changes to the policy for Jamaican Rum. Thank you for the speed at which my claim was attended to and paid out. I have been telling everyone… Read more “Kate Keeley”


Dear Lilian and Team – Thank you so much for this and for your kindness. It of course in no way compensates for the loss of my darling Boy (I’m tearing up already) – but at least I can use some of it to pay off my sizable account with Onderstepoort. I would have taken… Read more “Jeanine”


Good morning Dawn, Thank you so much for the lovely flowers received from you and the Kuda Team.
This gesture was most unexpected and is really appreciated. What a lovely touch! Thanks again.
Have a super day.


Hi Dawn
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the flowers that were delivered on Saturday – such a nice touch. It’s efforts like these that really make a business stand out, and I really appreciate it!
Have a good Monday 🙂


Lillian thank you so much for being there for us. With rubina and now with arwen. I truly appreciate your kindness as well as your helpfulness.
You are much appreciated.
Kind regards

Jade Carstens

Hi Lilian, I just want to thank you for the support received from Kuda, and the fantastic service! Without Kuda, my boy would have never had the opportunity to recover. Thanks again! Kindest Regards,

Suzanne Holmes

Many thanks for your wonderfully quick service – makes it a pleasure to know my horses are covered by such a super efficient team! The vets don’t have to wait for payment which I am sure they also appreciate My horses are proudly covered by Kuda


Dear Lilian What a special gesture to add to your already compassionate and wonderful way in which you have handled our whole terribly sad journey with our Intaba. It was truly overwhelming and so unexpected to receive these beautiful roses for Gabriella’s boy. I am going to arrange for another bouquet for Gabriella when she… Read more “Suzy”

Anzelle Kotze

Hi Josi, Trust you are well. I would just like to extend my gratitude for the exceptional service and support received from Kuda. It was indeed a life saving surgery and if Kuda did not honour the cover, especially given the elapse of such a short period of time, it would have been a very… Read more “Anzelle Kotze”


Thanks very much After Diors accident and your excellent service i cant bear to have an uninsured horse.

Ashlee Dormer

Thank you for the most awesome service, you guys rock!!


Thank you so much for the very quick, informative and efficient service Kimberley! Only a pleasure doing business with you,


Hi Jodi, Once again a huge thank you for the generous sponsorship of this show that you arranged from Kuda. It is really an amazing prize for a rider to win !! As you know, show holders can’t run good shows without this type of help. I have have so many emails & whats app’s… Read more “Deirdre”

Marisa Cetinich

Dear Kerry Byerley My name is Marisa Cetinich.
I am one of the riders who was fortunate enough to be selected to ride with Stephen Clarke in the seminar that took place this past weekend. I would just like to say thank you for the support and sponsorship by Kuda Sport Horse Insurance in… Read more “Marisa Cetinich”

Sarah, Fiona and Nicola

Dearest Dawn, The Equinox Trust team would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to you for supporting us in the way that you did! We are hugely appreciative of the effort you put in helping us make this fundraiser possible with advertising and getting two tables together. We are very grateful to you… Read more “Sarah, Fiona and Nicola”

Grant Store

Dear Dawn. Ian, Vanessa, myself and the staff of Callaho Warmblood Stud would like to thank you for assisting us at this year’s auction. To run an event such as this as smoothly as we did is due to the fact that we had people such as your selves in attendance. The grooming bags for… Read more “Grant Store”


Hi Jodi, Our show went off very well this weekend, with super courses designed by Gauteng’s Brett Webber, and some great jumping. We had loads of compliments and “thank you’s” for the fabulous sponsorship – all thanks to yourself & my other generous sponsors. The goody bags were gorgeous – riders loved them thanks, and… Read more “Deirdre”

Jessica Röll

Dear Dawn We cannot express how thankful we are for being a part of our fantastic 2017 Freestyle Dressage Championship event. The positive feedback has been pouring in from both riders and spectators alike. We had a record number of spectators and counted 500 members of the public who came to join in the fun… Read more “Jessica Röll”