This product is an extension of procedures we will cover as per the below specified list of diseases, ailments and procedures we will cover. This product covers up to R100 0000.00 per annum as per the specified breakdown of costs.
Please note that the intention of the product is not to cover day-to-day veterinary costs, and could be compared to a hospital plan rather than a medical aid.


Body System Respiratory
means Guttural Pouch Empyema, Guttural Pouch Mycosis, Sinusitis Bacterial, Sinusitis Viral, Sinusitis Fungal, Sinusitis Traumatic, Sinusitis Secondary to Dental, Epiglottic Entrapment, Pleuropneumonia, Laryngeal Paralysis and Dorsally Displaced Soft Palate (surgery only).

Body System Gastro-Intestinal
means Oesophageal perforation, Peritonitis, Rectal Prolapse, Rectal Tears, Mating Injuries, Foaling Injuries, Malignant Neoplasia, Infiltrative Diseases and Choke (surgery only).

Body System Neurological
means Meningitis, Vertebral Osteomyeltis, Malignant Neoplasia, Equine Protozoal Myoenceph, Stringhalt, Tetanus, Botulism, Viral (West Nile), Viral (Encephalosis), Metabolic Neurological Disease, Shiverers, Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Urogenital System
means Urolithiasis, Penile Trauma, Penile Neoplasia, Testicular Trauma, Malignant Neoplasia, Testicular Torsion.

Cardiovascular System
means Cardiac Arrhythmias, Pathological Murmurs, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Endocarditis, Aneurysms, Congenital Defect, DIC, Malignant Neoplastic, Thrombi, Blood Parasites (Biliary).

Endocrine System
means Addisons, Hypothyroidism and Diabetes Insipidus

means Malignant Neoplasia, Sarcoid (surgery only) and Wounds

means Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinal Detachment, Malignant Neoplasia, Foreign Body in Eye (surgery only), Corneal Laceration (surgery only) and Corneal Ulceration (surgery only).

means Mandibular Injuries (surgery only), Maxillary Injuries (surgery only) and Dental Work (surgery only).

Immune System
means Malignant Neoplasia

means Distal Limb Fractures, Long Bone Fractures, Malignant Neoplasia, Synovial Sepsis and Traumatic Intra Articular Fragmentation.

means Non Specific, Spasmodic, Impaction, Tympanitic, Enteritis, Colitis, Displacement, Strangulation and Gastric Distension.