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Interview with MJ Byleveld

Q: We hear you grew up in Limpopo cattle farming with your dad, tell us how you got involved with horses? A: I grew up on a maize farm initially and my dad then went on to work in the cattle trade, I helped a lot at the auctions with herding cattle. I was spotted by two cattle […]

Kuda Bloodstock Mortality Boost +

This product has to be taken in conjunction with the annual Mortality Cover. Product Description: This is a fall of hammer product where Kuda will insure the horse on an annual basis for the purchase price at the auction. As we know, training, spelling, pre-training and other horse related costs can be quite substantial. In the […]

Malan Du Toit – The Horse Whisperer

My background and how I got involved with horses. It all started 39 years ago, in 1980, when I met my wife Finnie at Stellenbosch university. I was a student in theology and she was studying medicine. Finnie was a girl from the rural town of Swellendam with a huge passion and love for horses. […]

Horses and husbands: how to train

Article by Linda Hennings – Forging Ahead I’ve been having a lot of fun teaching Jazz to do things and then rewarding her behaviour with a “ssscchhhh” noise (to imitate a click) and a small piece of carrot. It’s called “positive reinforcement” and it means that every time she does something I want her to […]

Do you have a motivation statement?

Article from Linda Hennings – Forging Ahead These are unprecedented times, and I’ve made so many changes to and edits to this article, that it really has taken on a life and direction of its own.  I wanted to write about motivation, and how it can be one of the most important tools in your […]

Interview with Theodore Janssen

Q: How did you start out with horses and what led you to become a barefoot trimmer? A: I’ve been an animal lover since I was a small boy. I used to watch the farriers working on our horses. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to be trained in the art of shoeing by a family of […]

The Inner Critic – managing ‘the voice in your head’

I fell off today. It strikes me as a rather memorable event, because I came to a few important conclusions as I reflected on the ride as I hacked home after my lesson.  Firstly, it’s only the second fall I’ve had after returning to riding just over five years ago, after a break of 15 […]

SIJ Indicators

6 Indicators of SIJ pain/stiffness Either Yes/No indication 3/more out of 6= POSITIVE pain/stiffness   Reduced Lumbosacral flexibility: Side to Side (Lateral) and Up/Down (Ventrodorsal) mobility should be symmetrical NOW: Presence of “guarding mechanism” Horse avoids movement on one side or overall movement   Tracking narrow behind: Normally horses hind feet follow front feet, on […]

Making the right Choices for Them

Earlier this week I had to go for a medical treatment. It’s something that has to get done every year with a 6 month follow up so it isn’t unplanned or surprising in any way, but unfortunately my personal medical aid policy doesn’t cover this treatment so I find myself down R9000 per appointment. As […]